Who We Are ?

Kshetra boutique retreat a traditional kerala style architecture blended  with the essence of Ayurveda and Yoga ,located on the shore of Arabian Sea at varkala kerala,india. A perfect destination to unwind, relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.. The sunny beach at Varakala with a Resort Ambiance is  the best place to get some calm and quiet atmosphere away from the crowd,enjoy the scenery, feel the sea breeze, take a long walk, get a good tan, tasty food,surfing. The accommodation was built in the traditional style of southern India known as “nallu kettu” and most of the bungalows afford a lovely view of the nature and  sea.To satisfy this aspiration, the resort was established in a tropical garden and a beautiful courtyard.  A holiday would not be enjoyable without the proper accommodation and essential amenities that your mind crave for. Nobody understands it better than kshetra. With an extensive Spa Menu that offers Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic therapies, the spa with its soothing and healing ambience is the ultimate in relaxation and wellness for our Guest. The luxurious accommodation facilities at kshetra are built with a touch of Kerala tradition. Designed to give a wonderful view, every room is equipped with 24 hour room service, laundry facilities, telephone,wifi and fax facilities etc. The multi cuisine restaurant at kshetra is loaded with a wide variety of mouth watering vegetarian and vegan dishes. Special vegetarian dishes are made for those under going Ayurvedic treatment. And there would not be any lack of entertainment with kshetra expressly put together with cultural performances. Indeed, Kshetra boutique Ayurveda Resort Amenities is the one place where happiness and wellbeing go hand in hand. Heritage Home Stay, Tourist accommodation, single, double and family rooms, guest home. It would be quite impossible to describe the unforgettable memories and positive experiences that  you will encounter during your stay with merely a few words. However we can feed you with some interesting advice and informations of India’s and especially Kerala’s highlights, as we would like to assist you with our hospitality in the best possible way. Please take some time, relax and enjoy your stay with us as part of our family. We warmly invite you to relish this unforgettable experience. Relax in the certainty of being in good hands. Kshetra strongly believes and support Indian government initiative for “Safe and Honourable Tourism” which aims to strengthen the critical pillar of “Suraksha” (Safety) and Ensure that Indian tourism follows international standards of safe tourism practices, applicable for both tourists and Natives.

Traditional Space

Sea Side Beach Resort

The serene ambience speaks for itself with the calmness and the typical ethnicity it provides to soothe down the nerves. If one is looking for a place to wind down and carry back some unforgettable memories in the sea shores of God’s Own Country, look no further.The resort is exclusively constructed under strict compliance of ‘Vasthu Shastra’ the ancient Indian way of construction. This ancient architectural science completely embraces nature and its elements in its concept of construction and has been proved to ultimate the essence of happy living. ‘Vasthu Shastra’ harnesses, alters and moulds the positive energy from ‘panchabhootha’. Panchabhootha is a concept that encompass the five natural elements of the universe namely, the earth, water, air, fire and ether.

Yoga Retreat

A tiled pathway from the resort leads to the pristine beach which is an ideal locale to unwind with a sunbath, a cool dip or laze by. Else one can also take a long walk through the sea shore and fully immerse into the harmony of nature. A fully equipped ‘Panchakarma’ Ayurveda center which functions in the resort offers a deep cleansing and rejuvenation for the whole body. The treatment is completely entirely by a group of experts. You just need to lie back & relax and let the ayurveda specialists do what they do best!! Ayurvedic science is a self healing methodology with the use of specially prepared oils from rare and medicinal herbs. The science includes treatment vide tablets and tonics as well as relaxation massages, which is famous the world over carrying the signature of Kerala all across the globe.


The resort is a renovated form of an ancient ‘Nalukettu’ house of Kerala, dovetailing the beauty and ethnicity of its architecture and heritage whilst also providing most modern facilities of a resort. The rooms are named as per the hindu mythological star signs and the guests are allotted rooms as per their birth star. The interior of the rooms dons the theme of the corresponding star sign and each and every artefact in the room would bear consonance to that. This includes sculptures, art works and furnishing. The resort also has a fully active travel desk to meet to all kinds of travel requirements of the guests, including house boat rides, air ticketing and train travel arrangements.