A Traditional Boutique Retreat

Are you looking for a place to resuscitate? Look no further. Unwind your mind and body, lose your soul at 130-year-old traditional space, Kshetra Ayurveda Retreat at Varkala. Built-in a traditional naalukettu famous in Kerala, it combines the elements of Ayurveda and Yoga. The naalukettu was a typical feature of the Kerala tharavadu tradition, where joint families lived together for generations with a patriarch and matriarch overseeing all their affairs. Kshetra naalukettu were built following the principles of ancient thachu shastra or the science of carpentry and developed during the 18th centuries. Let’s walk through Kshetra Mana resort in varkala…ย Kshetraย starts with a Beautiful entrance to the compound called “Padippura ” – this entrance is characterized by a step and tiled roof. It forms part of the compound wall. Padippura opens to a large space called ” Poomukham” – serving as a portico for the home, the Poomukham is a space that has tiled roofing with supporting pillars. They open out to the sides and have a concrete platform running along the edge.

Another main attraction in kshetra which isย  “Chuttu verandah” – this is a corridor that typically goes around the house. It also houses the Charupady which is a wooden seating arrangement. There is a small lotus pond at the end of the Chuttu Verandah called as “kulam”. The presence of this water body was believed to enhance the flow of energy in the house. The butterflies and dragon flies are definitely show stealers, but if you look closely you might even catch a glimpse of an owl or two. When enter into kshetra by opening the door with wonderful wooden works we can see the central courtyard called asย  “Nadumuttom”โ€“ this is the structure which is open to the sky and tulasi plant in the centre .Nadumuttam served as the focal point of interactions between the family as well as various household activities and festivities and also there is a Pooja space at the north-east corner of kshetra the room for worship. The idols of face east or west.
Set atop a hill with Kshetra retreat isย  the best place to enjoy the calmย  and quiet atmosphere away from the crowd. Enjoy the scenery, feel the sea breeze, take a long walk on the sandy beach, get a good tan, gorge on delicacies , or even go surfing. Feel the wind in your hair, sand beneath your feet, watch the sun go down, count the waves, be a kid again.


Kshetra the seaside beach resort is an ethnic host for those who have the deep intention to have some unforgettable days on a sea shore of Godโ€™s own country.The resort is the renovated form of ancient โ€˜Nalukettuโ€™ house of Kerala keeping the beauty of its architecture and heritage look along with most modern facilities of a resort. The rooms are allotted for the guests on the basis of their birth star as there are particular rooms for each birth star. The interior of the rooms are designed in such a way including sculptures, art works and furnishing that suits the corresponding star name assigned to the room. A tiled pathway from the resort paves to the beach which is an attractive spot to have a sunbath, a cool dip or to have a long walk fully immersed with the harmony of nature. The fully equipped โ€˜Panchakarmaโ€™ center offers a deep cleansing and rejuvenation for the whole body, the treatment completely handled by a group of expertise will ensure a self healing methodology of โ€˜ayurvedaโ€™ the world famous treatment mode of Kerala.



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